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The incontinence topic is often a taboo: but talking about it is the only way to overcome obstacles and return to your daily life.

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“Every day, in my work, I confront myself with incontinent patients and their families, and I realize that tackling this issue is a really delicate matter.”

Both for cultural and psychological reasons, admitting to suffering from this disorder is really complicated, because sometimes the patient denies or minimizes the symptoms and does not talk about it with the doctor or family members.

I often hear myself say: “How strange, it has never happened to me before!”, Or even to see children ashamed of their parents. When it happens, I always try to explain that there is nothing strange or “dishonorable” about incontinence, which can happen regardless of age and gender and that awareness is the first step in learning how to live with it in the best way. clear as possible. And this is true both for those who suffer from it and for those who must assist a relative or a patient.

It is understandable that there is some reluctance to speak about this topic, especially with the partner, but often the greatest unease is caused by this silence rather than by incontinence.
I have known patients who, while not admitting that they are incontinent, have gradually given up their habits, stopped attending friends or playing sports and even manifested episodes of anxiety or depression related to this condition which is inadmissible for them.

With experience, I learned that taking an understanding rather than a reproach, both towards oneself and those of the assisted person, and talking about it with the family doctor (and with the people we love), are necessary steps to deal with better these situations.
Because incontinence is a disorder that can be treated, cured, and with which you can live with: today absorbent aids are discreet, comfortable and can make us live with less sacrifices and without embarrassment.

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