Can I receive my supply of ASL aids outside my region of residence or domicile?

Yes, if necessary, you can request to receive your supply also in a region different from the one of your residence or domicile, by contacting the toll-free number of the supplier in your region or by going directly to your local health authority.

There are different rules regarding the supply of ASL aids outside the region. So, if you decide to receive the delivery in another place, be well informed on how the collection of the supply works.

How does the supply of ASL aids outside the region work?

As we already said, from north to south Italy, the rules can change. Even if the Decree of the Ministry of Health number 321 applies to everyone.

  • In Veneto, there is Regional Law 34 of 2003, which refers to the Nomenclator. Home delivery takes place every three months. An exception is made for Verona, where the supply is sent every four months.
  • In Lombardy the information is clear and coincident: the ASL makes available all the various steps online. The maximum quantities allowed for aids are those established by the Nomenclator. The delivery can be made at home, but the ASL of Milan prefers to collect the goods in the pharmacy.
  • In Tuscany, family doctors deal with the prescription of aids. For the request, civil invalidity must also be presented.
  • In Catania, the aids are prescribed by a specialist to people with stabilized and certified incontinence. The civil disability must be filed within a year.
  • In Palermo, in 2014 the directives are respected according to national rules, after having found too many variations in the different offices.

Depending on the cities, the products may be different, because each ASL relies on a different company.

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