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Terms and Conditions


Egosan-inco.com is a website for presenting and promoting the products of the Santex Company.

Navigation on the website www.egosan-inco.com is free and requires no registration, therefore no personal data is collected at this stage.

Information on the processing of personal data

Should the user decide to download the “Incontinence Diary” and to keep up to date with the most suitable Santex products for him/her, the e-mail address will be collected. This information will be used for the purpose of sending product information to clusters of users, based on the profile resulting from the completion of an anonymous questionnaire.

The data controller is Santex SPA, with registered office in via San Giovanni sul Muro 1, Milan; e-mail privacy@santex.it

For precise information, please refer to the website’s Privacy Policy.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are data created by a server which are stored in text files on the hard disk of the user’s computer and which allow the proper operation of this website and the collection of navigation data (e.g. type of browser used, language of preference, etc..) for aggregate statistical analysis and improvement of the “user experience”.

Cookies can be permanent (so-called persistent cookies) to personalise browsing operations over time according to the instrument used by the user (computer, tablet, smartphone) or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies) and disappear when the browser is closed. This website uses both persistent and session cookies.

The website uses the following cookies in particular:

Technical Cookies

They are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website and do not require the user’s consent.

Analytical Cookies

They collect information that is necessary or important for the Company, but are not strictly necessary for the website’s operation; therefore, they require the user’s consent in the event that they should collect data which allows a clear identification of the customer or his/her profiling.

In the specific case, this website uses cookies of aggregated and anonymous statistical analysis which are similar to technical cookies.

To disable cookies

Cookies can be disabled directly from the browser, by refusing consent to their use. Please note that by disabling cookies, in particular technical cookies, you may prevent the correct use of certain functions of the website itself.

Instructions for disabling cookies can be found on the following web pages:

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Mozilla Firefox

The cookies used by Egosan-inco.com are:

cookies: Kuroi
type: technical
service: session
description: management of the user’s navigation through the pages which form the website (e.g. “configurator” section)

cookies: _ga
type: analytical
service: analytics
description: aggregate and anonymous analysis of website visits

Exemption from liability

All contents published on the website are provided for the sole purpose of general information, without any guarantee of their accuracy and completeness. Santex reserves the right to modify and update said contents without prior notice and without being liable for any and all damages, whether direct or indirect and including loss of profit, resulting from the use or inability to use the website and its contents, or for websites directly or indirectly linked to it, as well as for omissions or errors.


Santex reserves all rights to the texts, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the Egosan-inco.com website in accordance with copyright as well as in accordance with Intellectual Property. In this respect, and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, we hereby authorise an exclusively private use unless otherwise provided, including further restrictions of the Code on Intellectual Property rights.

Any other use will be considered a forgery and be sanctioned in accordance with the Intellectual Property laws, unless there is prior written permission from Santex.

The visitor is prohibited from downloading and using any type of trademark or logo relating to Santex and/or to its products available on the website.

Governing law

Without prejudice to any other legal provision, any dispute or litigation which may arise regarding any use of the website or of its contents between Santex and the visitor/user or with persons who have collaborated or will collaborate in its publication or in the drafting or updating of its contents, will fall under the jurisdiction of the Italian State, and in any case, the applicable law shall be the Italian law in force at the time of the dispute.