Does the packaging of my ASL diaper supply respect my privacy?

We cannot guarantee for all suppliers, but the packaging used by Egosan for the delivery of the diapers is "mute", that is, anonymous boxes. So we can guarantee the absolute non-identifiability of the product and total confidentiality for you.

To understand if the supply of ASL diapers respects your privacy, you can ask it when you apply, presenting your request on the matter.

It often depends on the packaging of the company that supplies the aids from the ASL.

What should I do if privacy is not respected?

If at the first delivery you notice that the parcels you receive identify the product too much, explain to the ASL that you want more privacy. Sometimes the delivery is made directly to the home and maybe there is no problem, but when it is made at the pharmacy, the data is visible to more people. There is nothing wrong with wanting more privacy, indeed, it is everyone's right.

Often some people cannot get all the necessary information from the ASL. Some may complain about a low quality product and others who may have difficulty going to pick up the goods at the pharmacy.

People suffering from incontinence struggle with a not at all easy condition. Sometimes, if there is not a person who can help them constantly, it becomes difficult to manage the situation.

And unfortunately, sometimes these people have also to incur continuous bureaucratic obstacles to obtain what is rightfully theirs. Sometimes even the easiest information is missing, such as knowing whether the supply of ASL diapers respects privacy.

When you are unable to obtain the necessary information concerning the ASL, we recommend calling the toll-free number of the diaper supply company.

We at Egosan care about the confidentiality and privacy of our customers, which is why we are available to answer all their doubts.

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