Will I receive informational material together with the supply of incontinence aids?

We cannot guarantee it for all suppliers, but we at Egosan offer information material together with incontinence aids.

Of course, there is always the internet, but often such precise information is not easily found. This kit will go to support the client or the person who will take care of him, to avoid incurring in various problems.

The information material of incontinence aids will be useful to use them at their best: in fact, not all aids are used in the same way.

Our informational material on incontinence aids

For example, our products are always classified based on some factors, which also determine the choice of purchase:

  • Absorption: it can be more or less effective
  • Incontinence level: mild, medium or severe
  • Dedicated to: active, sedentary, autonomous or not self-sufficient people
  • Wear: whether or not you need your underwear
  • Use situation: day, night or both
  • Size: more or less large

These differences can be very influential: each person has different needs and one cannot think that a standard product can be suitable for everyone.

Usually, the doctor of the ASL who makes the prescription can recommend the best product according to the patient's needs. In this way, you will avoid changing the product several times and remain dissatisfied.

In the pages dedicated to individual products, you always find all the specific information on the use of our devices. If you want to learn more, click here

Nell pagine dedicate ai singoli prodotti, trovi sempre tutte le informazioni specifiche sull’utilizzo dei nostri dispositivi. Se vuoi approfondire, clicca qui

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