Where can I get ASL incon-tinence aids?

The methods of delivery and collection of the free supply of incontinence aids, as well as the bureaucratic process for obtaining them, may vary from region to region.

We recommend that you always check with your local ASL to obtain specific information relating to your district.

The main places where ASL incontinence aids can be collected are:

  • your home;
  • a trusted pharmacy, para pharmacy or specialized shop.

In most regions, delivery takes place at the applicant's home. In others, however, it is possible to collect the supply from a pharmacy (usually the one closest to your home), by presenting the doctor's prescription.

To get a more precise answer on the possibility of collecting the diapers in places alternative to your home, you will have to contact your ASL or call the toll-free number of the supplier of absorbent devices in your region.

Where is it better to receive ASL incontinence aids: pharmacy or home?

In general, it seems that people prefer home delivery.

People who order incontinence aids are often people who are not self-sufficient, so many of them do not have the opportunity to move. Usually, they have a family member who takes care of them, but in order not to leave the patient alone, the family member still prefers to receive the order at home.

The choice of the place where you want to receive the goods is still subjective.

The average cost estimated by the ASL of the service per day per person is, in fact, similar, whether you receive the order at home, or you decide to receive it in the pharmacy. In some ways, the delivery of diapers to pharmacies is cheaper than home delivery, but it is possible to distribute a smaller load of goods. So both solutions have been approved for collection.

When choosing the option to collect the goods at a pharmacy, para-pharmacy or an authorized shop, you will need to present your health card. This is the only way to collect ASL incontinence aids.

In case of changes in supply (which may change if the level of severity rises or falls), the client must contact his or her doctor for a new prescription.

If you want more information on incontinence aids, browse the online catalog in our portal.

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