What are the delivery times for ASL incontinence aids?

The time of delivery of urinary incontinence aids may vary based on the ASL of your area.

Each ASL is organized differently, so the first thing you need to do is contact them, to have precise information.

Generally, the frequency is communicated when a prescription is requested in the ASL offices. This document also lists the type of aids with the code and the quantity necessary for the reference period.

In the overall picture, incontinence aids are distributed at home. In order not to risk being left without the required material, the supply usually covers a period of 3 months.

You can find the next delivery date of the aids in the delivery note

Delivery is repeated regularly. If you notice that the number of diapers is not enough or is too high, you will have to ask the doctor to modify the document of the treatment plan.

When you receive your order (at home or in the pharmacy), inside the package, there will also be a copy of the delivery note, which reports the date of the next delivery.

To avoid forgetting the date or expiration of the treatment plan, we recommend that you keep all the notes in a safe place.

Three months can cover a good period, but if you decide to change the type of diapers, you can do it without restrictions. Some people are not comfortable with standard incontinence aids, so they decide to buy diapers in specialized stores.

Remember that you can always change supplies, you will still need to contact the local ASL specialist doctor.

We at Egosan guarantee always a timely delivery: we know the needs of our customers and we always try to satisfy them with our products. If you think that it can be useful, browse our online catalog.

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