How do I know when the ASL incontinence aids will be delivered to my home?

The ASL provides incontinence aids free of charge for those who need constant support and have a certified diagnosis.

It will be necessary to proceed through various bureaucratic phases and once the prescription has been obtained, the ASL will send a company to deliver the incontinence aids. Delivery is usually done every three months.

How does it work:

  • two days before the delivery of the goods (which can be collected at your home or pharmacy) the ASL incontinence aids company will call the client to establish a specific date and time for the collection of the package;
  • when the company arrives, the client or a family member will receive the package;
  • in the package, there will be the required aids and the delivery note with the next delivery date and the diagnostic therapeutic assistance on it.

The patient or the patient's family is not always contacted exactly 2 days before delivery. The call can also be made days before, depending on the organization of the ASL.

You are always notified days in advance

If it is the first time you place an order through the ASL, it will help you to know that the carriers will have a visible identification card.

So do not be afraid of not being at home on the day of delivery, you will always receive a notice.

In case you are not at home, you can delegate a family member for yourself. If the courier does not find anyone, he will not be able to leave the goods and the delivery will be automatically postponed.

If you do not want this to happen, remember that it is always better to notify the ASL by phone, in order to move the day of delivery in advance.

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