At what times are supplies of diapers for incontinence from the ASL delivered?

A precise timetable regarding the delivery of diapers has not been established from the ASL.

In regions where home delivery is the chosen method, the client or family is contacted to agree on the exact date and time of collection. Usually, you will be contacted 2 days before.

When will the delivery scheduled times of the ASL diapers be communicated to me?

When the supply order arrives, there is always a note indicating the next delivery date. The timetable, however, is agreed through a phone call.

So if you are waiting for your first order, don't worry, you will receive a phone call from the supply company.

We remind you that the supply of diapers is free of charge and guaranteed by the State for those entitled to it, or for those suffering from severe urinary incontinence. Usually, free supply is also extended to catheters. To apply, you have to go to your local ASL.

Unfortunately, only two-thirds of incontinent people are covered by the free supply of diapers. People who are not considered suitable will have to buy them in specialized stores. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to be considered suitable, such as certified civil disability.

Another problem is also the fact that incontinent people have different needs from each other: according to the level of severity, different products will be needed. For this reason, it can sometimes happen that the standard ASL diapers are not suitable for everyone.

We at Egosan provide high-quality products, offering comfort and safety to our customers.

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