How can I permanently su-spend the supply of diapers from the ASL?

In case of need, you can permanently stop your free supply of ASL absorbent aids. How can you cancel it?

By contacting the toll-free number of the supplier in your region or by going directly to your local ASL.

Suspension can be made at any time. When you realize that you no longer need the aids or you already have others, it is important to cancel immediately to avoid waste.

Why would people want to stop the supply of ASL aids?

Incontinent people are not all the same and have different needs, which is why standard aids may not work well.

Incontinent people often complain about low-quality products. The aids that are sent to them are sometimes not suitable for their specific needs. This is an important problem for those who face urinary leaks in everyday life.

The safety of staying dry with a high-quality device is not only important to avoid embarrassing situations but also serves to prevent the multiplication of germs or infections of some kind, as well as the spread of bad smells. It is therefore important to be able to identify the best product for more comprehensive protection and safety.

People who are not comfortable must feel free to stop the supply of ASL aids, even if it is free.

Incontinence aids must make the person feel comfortable in any relationship context. In the market, there are many different products for every type of need, for more serious or milder problems.

We at Egosan work precisely on this: we want to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of our products and a high level of comfort. Each person must be able to face their daily lives in a serene way.

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