How can I choose the most suitable sanitary pad for urinary incontinence?

Each woman is unique, as is the way her body reacts to climatic periods. This is one of the reasons why so many types of sanitary napkins are available on Egosan to combat urinary incontinence.

To date, 60% of women worldwide are wearing the wrong pad. Understanding our body and its needs means to have a healthier and more fertile menstrual cycle. Find the right coverage and comfort, keeping in mind the factors and suggestions discussed. And say goodbye to hesitation, irritation and constant discomfort caused by your periods.

Choosing the right aid can really make a difference and, to do so, the support of a professional can be useful. It is, in fact, necessary to recognize the type of incontinence and evaluate what your habits are, your lifestyle and the time of day when you need it.

The choice depends on several factors such as the type of skin or the shape of your body. Now let's see them in detail.

Factors that determine the choice of the absorbent

1. Menstrual Cycle - Knowing your body is essential when you have to buy a sanitary pad for urinary incontinence. This must adapt to your menstrual cycle.

2. Good absorption capacity - the absorbency of the absorbents allows you to decide whether to wear one or even another extra. It should absorb blood flow without problems.

Tip # Opt for longer sanitary pads if the flow is strong or vice versa. Use fragrance pads to avoid any bad smell during the first few days of the intense flow.

3. Material: It only depends on your preferences and your skin type. Absorbents for sensitive skin may help prevent irritation.

Tip # Wear cotton pads in the last days of the menstrual cycle to avoid skin rashes.

4. Lifestyle: We recommend choosing the sanitary napkin based on the daily activities that will be done during the days of the menstrual cycle.

Tip #. Use thin winged sanitary pads if you have to exercise.

Egosan has created products specifically for him and for her based on anatomical differences, to always allow you maximum comfort. Discover the specific products for him and her.

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