Can I temporarily suspend the supply of diapers by the ASL?

It may happen that for a period you want to suspend the supply of ASL diapers. The reasons may be different, for example, maybe you want to try another brand, a different model to see if you are better off with it.

Does this mean that you have to give up the service completely?

Absolutely not. If necessary, you can request to temporarily suspend your supply of ASL diapers. In this case, you will have to establish a period in which you give up the service, indicating the date on which you want to resume.

How do you temporarily suspend the supply of diapers?

You can suspend the supply by contacting the toll-free number of the supplier in your region or by going directly to your local ASL.

Incontinence products are not always the same, each ASL has different ones, it depends on the chosen supplier.

Sometimes it happens that the entitled give up collecting the ASL diapers to buy better products, even at the cost of having to buy them.

Of course, diapers are free through the ASL, but the company that ships the diapers does not always have the right ones for everyone.

Sometimes the quality is not the best and the patient does not feel free to choose. Incontinence diapers are essential products, which become essential for daily use.

Those who need these products, in fact, first of all, seek comfort and effectiveness, and if this is not there, they can decide to give up the product even if it is free.

You can ask your doctor to change the size of the diapers, but if it is precisely the model itself, it cannot always be changed.

We at Egosan rely heavily on the comfort of our products, offering many different models so that we can meet everyone's needs. If you want more information about it, click here.

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