Can I return an excess supply of diapers received free of charge from the ASL?

Did you receive a supply of diapers higher than you ordered? Are you wondering if it is possible to return it?

It is always possible to return an excess supply of ASL diapers. The order may be wrong or confused with that of another person.

The ASL has a high number of orders for incontinence aids, so you may find yourself with a wrong order or with a number of goods higher or lower than the order you made.

The Decree min. Health 332 defined that the health service should guarantee:

  • 120 aids / month per patient;
  • 150 pieces / month for the "one size" diaper;
  • delivery time: 5 days from the authorization of the supply by the ASL.

Always check the receipt that is attached to the package before returning an excess supply of ASL diapers

It is therefore always appropriate that the assisted (or his delegate), at the time of delivery, verify the exact correspondence of the goods with what is written on the delivery note.

In this way, if you notice any discrepancy you can solve the problem immediately.

The incontinence diapers are products for personal hygiene, so it is always better to send the package back when it is still closed.

Always pay attention to the receipt: there you can find all the useful information, such as the date of the next delivery, but not only.

The expiration date of the treatment plan can also be found in the delivery note. In case there is no more need for incontinence diapers, you have to communicate it to the ASL. You will have to do the same if you want to renew the service.

If you want to receive more information, we suggest you call the toll-free number of the provider in your region or go directly to your local ASL.

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