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There are small attentions that can make the difference for every incontinent.

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“The use of a good absorbent aid is only the starting point in the management of incontinence: there are in fact some precautions that can prevent irritation and redness.”

In my experience I have dealt with people of all ages and with more or less serious incontinence problems: for everyone, however, the same basic rules apply.

Often these suggestions are underestimated by those who are self-employed and suffer from mild incontinence, because they do not perceive the importance of correct intimate hygiene, even when not wearing a “diaper”.
It’s not just about washing more often, but just about changing habits: paradoxically, excess hygiene can be harmful, because it risks weakening the outermost layer of the skin, which serves to protect it.

Keep in mind that areas in contact with urine are likely to become irritated more easily, and therefore must be treated specifically: washing each time the sanitary napkin is changed, choosing products with neutral PH (sometimes, in an attempt to “cover ”Smells, my patients use perfumed cleaners, risking to worsen the situation), and drying the area perfectly before wearing a new device.

As a further precaution I always use moisturizers or antiseptic ointments and I suggest changing the absorbent often and in any case whenever it is wet.

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