Will I receive a notice before the home delivery of ASL diapers?

In the regions where ASL diapers are delivered at home, normally the client or his/her family are contacted a few days before, to precisely agree on the date and time of delivery.

Usually, principals are delivered every 3 months by an authorized firm directly at the patient's home. The period varies according to regional regulation.

Before making the delivery, the company contacts the person who made the order via phone call, communicating the precise day of delivery. Usually, the call is made a few days before (from 2 days to a week).

What happens if I cannot be present at the time/day of the delivery?

If for various reasons you are not able to be at home on the agreed day, you will have to call the toll-free number of the authorized company and re-schedule a new delivery date.

If you cannot be present at the delivery pick-up, you can delegate a family member, in this case, he or she will sign for you.

However, remember that delivery can also be made in pharmacies, para pharmacies, and specialized shops.

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