Can I prevent irritations by taking care of my intimate hygiene?

When temperatures rise and people might start to sweat more, it could happen to have irritations in intimate areas. You can recognize them for the redness or the onset of inflammation in the affected area. They are often caused by a bacterial infection or mycosis. Our lifestyle often promotes its appearance. What should not be done?

  • wear tight, adherent clothes;
  • use detergents that are too aggressive for the skin.

In case of irritation, it is recommended not to scratch the affected area and wash it daily with a detergent that respects the skin's PHP.

Proper intimate hygiene helps prevent possible skin irritation.

The skin, in contact with urine, is subject to more stress and is likely to become irritated. So the good habits you should adopt are:

• clean the skin with each change of the absorbent aid;

• use detergents with neutral and not too aggressive PH (possibly without fragrances);

• it can be useful to treat the area with a zinc-based ointment, which has antiseptic properties, or with moisturizers;

  • (always!) dry perfectly the area before wearing a new sanitary napkin.

Warning: even washing too frequently can cause skin irritation. This can happen when you risk weakening the epithelium (the most superficial layer of the skin), which protects it from external agents, by washing it too frequently.

The second fundamental advice is to use aids with high absorbency, anatomical and made with breathable materials: discover our proposals here.

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