How can I overcome the sense of uneasiness of talking about my incontinence?

For those who suffer from it, urinary incontinence is a cause of anguish: it is possible to experience humiliation and shame. Even for those who assist the incontinent, the problem is not simple. In some circumstances, it is common to feel embarrassed. It is good to remember that incontinence is often not due to physical causes. It can also arise from other problems such as disorientation, communication problems, dementia, etc.

About 7% of the population is incontinent, yet talking about it still seems taboo.

Nothing could be more wrong: trying to hide it, from yourself or others, risks triggering a series of psychological problems that are often more serious than incontinence itself, which instead can always be managed and, in some cases, even cured.

The first step to overcoming the discomfort is not to experience it as something to be ashamed of, nor as an obstacle to one's daily life.

You don't have to worry if you struggle to manage incontinence. It is difficult for everyone. It is a difficult topic to deal with the family. Everything that has to do with physical needs is a taboo topic in many families. Talking about it with other people can help us overcome even the most unpleasant sensations.

Talk calmly with the people you love and your trusted doctor: you will receive all the necessary advice to better face incontinence.
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