How do you get the prescription of diapers or free sleepers from the ASL?

The process of prescribing diapers and free sleepers can vary from region to region. We, therefore, recommend that you always check the regulations of your local health authority.

This is because the state has defined a fairly vague regulatory framework on the subject, leaving the regions with full autonomy. In this way, unfortunately, some citizens find themselves having more facilities than another, even if they both need a prescription for diapers.

First of all, there is a need for a therapeutic plan

Decree 332/99 of the Ministry of Health indicates the path to follow to benefit from the service: first of all, a visit must be made by a specialist accredited by the competent NHS, who is often a urologist or neurologist.

It will be up to the doctor to indicate whether the patient needs a prescription for diapers or sleepers, the number they are entitled to, and the period of validity. All these data will be reported in the patient's therapeutic plan.

Since it can be a temporary phase, the prescription of diapers and/or sleepers lasts one year and is renewable. This means that if conditions improve, the facilities can be removed, otherwise, they will be renewed.

The prescription must be submitted to the competent ASL, which will organize the delivery of aids reserved for incontinence, which can be diapers or sleepers.

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