Are ASL incontinence aids free?

Yes, ASL can provide free absorbent aids. This was established by the Decree Ministry of Health 321 of May 31, 2001. It works like this:

  • the prescription must be made by an SSN specialist who will indicate the severity of incontinence, in order to evaluate whether there is a real need for absorbent aids;
  • authorization must be made by the local health authority;
  • delivery is made by the ASL. (at the pharmacy or home)

The prescription made by the specialist has a duration of one year and can be renewed.

Who can apply?

All people with urinary incontinence can apply. Some rules may change from region to region: for example, in some regions, the certification of disability is required.

This is because incontinence pads are not only used by the elderly, but also by the younger ones. Incontinence can affect people of all ages.

In general, people that can apply are:

  • subjects with stabilized urinary incontinence, in possession of medical certification;
  • civil invalids (war, service, blind, deaf and dumb);
  • minors under the age of 18 with a permanent disability.

Conditions that are considered the most serious

Here are the conditions considered most serious for the request of sanitary absorbent aids:

  • Advanced neoplasms;
  • Advanced Parkinson's disease
  • Serious diseases of the nervous or cerebrovascular system;
  • Enterouro-uro gynecological pathologies;
  • Aggravated senile dementia.

In Italy, over 6 million people have problems with urinary or bladder functions. For those suffering from severe incontinence, the state can also provide free catheters, in addition to absorbent aids.

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