Can I change the delivery address for my ASL diapers order?

Did you move and want the order of the ASL diapers to be sent to another address?

You can change the delivery address of the ASL diapers by contacting the toll-free number of the supplier in your region or by going directly to your reference ASL.

The matter changes if you moved to another region because each ASL has its own rules and therefore you will have to go to the offices for new registration.

If it is a few sporadic episodes, just notify the reference ASL, but if it is a stable change, you will have to renew the address.

Change the delivery address of the ASL diapers in advance

The delivery of incontinence diapers is carried out every quarter, which is why it is better not to change the delivery address of the diapers just before the next order.

If you already know that you will need to change your address, do it in advance so as not to risk finding yourself without the required material.

We remind you that in case the incontinence diapers are no longer necessary, the client or his / her family members have to send a communication to the offices of the ASL of residence to cancel the service.

On our site, you can find different diapers for incontinence, both for women and men, each with its own characteristics.

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